Ghost of Girlfriends Past part two

Last week Drake and I were walking to the train station and I was discussing with him something that his parents said to me how they expected more from me in relation to getting him to shave his beard off and with eating vegetables such as onion, celery, mushroom, zucchini and such.
I asked Drake what was different about me in comparision to his ex girlfriends apart from the fact that I am a different nationality. Also the fact that Drake’s Mum and Dad should know how stubborn he is as he is their son and they have had to deal with his stubborn streak far longer than  I have.

I don’t know if it’s because we live together, the fact that Drake is older or what it is that I have that the exes don’t have.

Part of the reason I love Drake is his stubbornness (unless I am having to deal with it and going against the stubbornness of his).
I fell inlove with the Drake I know, if I were able to change him he wouldn’t be the man I fell inlove with. However the challenge of getting him to eat some vegetables and healthy is one I am attempting to win, with out much luck.

Maybe it’s lucky I don’t know about the exes, but at the same time Drake knows about mine as I am pretty open about them both.
It’s bad enough I guess that I do wonder about the exes and have an imaginary image of what these woman are or were like to compare myself with. Do I measure up to them?  not all the time, sometimes they come out better than me.
I’ve always had a pretty low self esteem opinion of myself though, which I hide amazingly well. So the fact that I imagine the exes as better than myself is nothing startling. I imagaine though that they got more sex ignatioated by Drake though, and that he was a more kissey person with them.

really I have to stop comparing myself to these ghosts.


Nap Required

I’m running on a lack of sleep today so glad that I am not at work today.
yesterday I slept in till midday and then when I woke up I had some toast and spent the day surfing the net till I had to have a shower and get ready for work as I was doing the evening shift which included the close and sending the timesheets to head office to make sure we get paid. Very important job that one.
The four hours I worked were pretty quite the shop has been cleaned and dusted so many times its not funny.
The scary thing is in the four hours I worked I sold more than the guy who worked before me on his six hour shift. If it keeps up at this rate our store will be closed.
I have an interview later this week for another job, which will make my current job a second job as I will cut back to either four or six hours instead of the fifteen hours I get currently.
As much as I would like to stick it out and not have to worry about getting a new job Drake and I just can’t afford for me to not have the cash coming in. I’ve put forward the idea of escort work which Drake has vetoed as he doesn’t want me doing that kind of work, not even erotic massages.
I really want to get this job I have the interview for – it’s retail working 5 days a week and would be a great job.
I would have to learn about the products that they sell and such but that’s not to difficult.

So last night after my shift Drake and I got Macca’s for dinner because we have nothing in the cupboard and he couldn’t be bothered cooking.
Got home and just surfed the web and sat besides each other on the couch and kissed a bit, snuggled and he nuzzeled me with his beard.
I went to be a tad before midnight, 3:50am I woke up needing to go to the toilet and Drake was still awake on his laptop. He had been gaming most the night so just thought he was still gaming. Told him its nearly four you have work in a few hours time. I Crawled back in to bed (warm snuggly bed) then about twentyfive minutes later Drake comes in to bed. We were spooning and he was nuzzlering me with the beard so I rolled over and the way he was laying my boobs were in his face and he nuzzeled them with the beard, however I had a top on so I took my top of and he nuzzeled more and I moved a breast into his mouth and he sucked at it.
Lent down and he was hard, so I rubbed his cock with my hand for a minute and then managed to get my pajama pants off whilst trying to keep boobs in his mouth. Was not an easy task and then we had some freaking amazing sex.
I spent most of it on top with Drake sucking and biting my boobs. It ended with him cumming over my right tit.
I got up had a quick wash of myself in the shower and then crawled back into bed it was after five am then, Drake went and had a wash in the shower after me.
So he sat in bed and I lay in bed he was on his tablet as he couldn’t sleep and I was too awake to sleep even though I tried.
We ended up getting about half an hours sleep at most and Drake went to work early and will come home tonight and crash.
My alarm went off at 8am, I am now waiting on a Skype call from my family back home, which will be between 8am-1pm my time. So far I have got the dishwasher on, got one load of washing half done (it’s washed, it’s currently in the drier) and another load of washing in the machine.
think I will leave my phone on and have a nap on the couch.


Alyce – 9th June 2014 11:49am

Only 3 days

One of the few things about me is that I don’t cope with being on my owe all that well.
I’ve never lived by myself, the only times I’ve had to myself is when family was sick in hospital or on holiday so never more than a week alone by myself.
Next weekend both Drake and the housemate are going away, Drake to his friends for their annual boys gaming weekend and the housemate because he is maybe to see his kids I don’t know and haven’t asked.
So that means three or four days alone in the apartment by myself. No pets, no people, no nothing.

Before when I lived back home I could call Drake and talk to him until he or I fell asleep but now I can’t do that.
Sure it means I will be able to cook with mushrooms and onions and zucchini but it’s not the same I won’t have my family to enjoy my cooking and I won’t have Drake or the housemate to talk to and with being on reduced hours at work I will just be staring at my computer screen when I should be writing. I am struggling to write a short book.
Will have to get Drake to download me some shows or resend him the list of shows I would like downloaded…. again!

Maybe I will get a call back from one of the jobs I applied for though and the when Drake gets back surprise him with the good news I have a second job.
Maybe I could skype some of my friends back home.
Maybe I could test out my rabbit vibrator properly.
Maybe I will cope being home alone, it’s only 3 days.
maybe not :/