Ghost of Girlfriends Past part two

Last week Drake and I were walking to the train station and I was discussing with him something that his parents said to me how they expected more from me in relation to getting him to shave his beard off and with eating vegetables such as onion, celery, mushroom, zucchini and such.
I asked Drake what was different about me in comparision to his ex girlfriends apart from the fact that I am a different nationality. Also the fact that Drake’s Mum and Dad should know how stubborn he is as he is their son and they have had to deal with his stubborn streak far longer than  I have.

I don’t know if it’s because we live together, the fact that Drake is older or what it is that I have that the exes don’t have.

Part of the reason I love Drake is his stubbornness (unless I am having to deal with it and going against the stubbornness of his).
I fell inlove with the Drake I know, if I were able to change him he wouldn’t be the man I fell inlove with. However the challenge of getting him to eat some vegetables and healthy is one I am attempting to win, with out much luck.

Maybe it’s lucky I don’t know about the exes, but at the same time Drake knows about mine as I am pretty open about them both.
It’s bad enough I guess that I do wonder about the exes and have an imaginary image of what these woman are or were like to compare myself with. Do I measure up to them?  not all the time, sometimes they come out better than me.
I’ve always had a pretty low self esteem opinion of myself though, which I hide amazingly well. So the fact that I imagine the exes as better than myself is nothing startling. I imagaine though that they got more sex ignatioated by Drake though, and that he was a more kissey person with them.

really I have to stop comparing myself to these ghosts.


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