I see you baby ;)

I see you baby shaking dat ass!


Well not really, cause I am attempting to keep this blog anonymous so Alyce is not my real name but I love the name.
I haven’t posted any photos of myself here and the one’s that I plan to post will not be full images. I plan to change the profile pic however it will be a non body or self photo.


So what do I look like…. well you can use your imagination and I can look like anyone you want me to 😉
or I can give you a list of what I look:

  • as stated in my last post I am a BBW between 120-130kg, so I am fat
  • 160-162cm tall
  • have pale but tanned skin
  • brown hair or honey blond
  • a short little nose
  • small eyes
  • small thin lips
  • late 20’s in age

So that is how I will describe myself and how I also see myself, I am average and everyday girl next door



– Alyce 30th April 2014 8:27pm


mags like me

My local adult shop has got some new porn magazines in, and ones that are not from the year 2000 (okay so it’s from the year 2004 but that’s 10 years ago :/ ) I digress sorry or in a language other than English. The part that I love is that they have BBW* porn 😀 I am a BBW, I’m between 120kg-130kg so I am a big girl myself add to that Drake likes big girls and his favorite porn is bbw or big breasted women**. I handed over my $14 and got a magazine and next pay day I am getting another magazine. Why? because fuck it turns Drake on and it turns me on and it spices up our sex lives.
Poor Drake I was flicking through the magazine and he was playing a game on his phone and seen what I was looking at so I just flicked the pages for him to see what I was seeing and he was hard and turned on.

I rubbed his hard cock and played innocent and asked if he liked my new magazine. He was yes I like it a lot as you can tell.

Yes I did get sex but later on in the day 😀

But that was not the goal, the goal was to explore stuff that we both like, Drake can be a tad more conservative or vanilla than I can. I like to and want to explore.
I like watching BBW porn because the women are like me. Well maybe not as fat as me however the have jiggly bits, they have fat, you can hear the slapping of skin and see rolls move.
Photos bellies are shown, there are rolls.




* BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman/Women
** Not a BBW

Where is Alyce?

I’ve been a tad awol of late.
and avoiding blogging. I’ve had a post half typed for the last few days but have not wanted to post it yet.

Drake and I have had a fight, there were tears from both of us. It’s not been a good week.

My goal has always to post minimum once a month, twice a month at the very least.
I will be promoting my blog and such. I plan on doing some reviews as well.
For the moment I am just trying to sort out feelings and stuff with Drake.
I asked him if he wanted to break up with me, I love him beyond words I can express and he means the world to me.
We are still together but I had the fearful moment he would say yes.
I partly want to suggest to see someone for help but we can not afford it. I am lost with what to do. We work as a couple really great however intimacy is the one issue we seem to have.
The sex when we have it is great but it’s when we have it which is once a month at most it feels, I would like more and I feel he would like less. I don’t want to have to rely on a toy, but maybe I will have to.

Alyce – 22nd April 2014 4:28pm