Quality vs Quantity

So I have a higher sex drive than Drake which I am learning to live with. Don’t watch anything that makes me wet or porn, don’t read erotica, don’t day dream, don’t go to sex shops etc. yeah nah I am not coping all that well and am sexually frustrated.
Twice last week I ended up rubbing one out.
I have told Drake that next time we have sex I won’t initiate it, he will have to initiate.
I am normally the one to initiate our sex however it’s frustrating that I do, and also means that I am at some times questioning my worth and my attractiveness as well as my sex appeal.

Drake wants quality sex over quantity. I want quantity.
It may be that when we first started dating I was a virgin and had no experance, where as he had some experience in the sack. I don’t know, I feel like a nympho having the higher sex drive and come next payday¬† I will be buying myself a glass dildo to take care of some of my needs.

The last couple of weeks though Drake has been sick as have I so I also have to take this in to consideration, however even when we were doing long distance and would go away together and catch up there was always a lack of sex.
I have discussed it with him a number of times and his response is quality not quantity. My response is tears of sexual frustration.

Also when we were on holiday at christmas time I also did some pouty sulking to get some sex. I hated that it worked and I hated that I did that, however at the same time it was still good sex I was still happy and he was satisfied.
Whilst I am no gymnast I still have a few tricks and skills that manage to satisfy.

So at the moment I will take quantity over quality unless we have a regular one a week minimum then I will take quality.
Until then I am just going to sit here sexually frustrated.

ps didn’t help that this morning when we went to bed Drake was hard and I looked down at the bulge in his boxes and was just about drooling and found it difficult to go to sleep.

– Alyce 9:46pm 9th March 2014