Somethings change some stay the same

Zara has started a new job this week. I am so happy for her and at the same time somewhat jealous.
She’s working at the blue building again. I miss the blue building and spent the better or worst part of nearly five years in that place.
I should explain. The Blue Building is a building that is oviously blue, It used to house a call center that Zara and I both worked at. The company we worked for lost the contract we were working on so we had to find new jobs. It was at the last social club event that Drake came to visit us in Queensgate and where I meet Drake.

After leaving The Blue Building there were manytimes when I was shopping in Qeensgate over the next four or so years that I would instinctively walk that way to go to work.
Every other work place in Australia never felt like ‘home’ like the blue building did.
It’s been about five years since that call center shut and a new one has now opened there which Zara has got a job at.
A few of the women we worked with are back working there and it has changed but it will be the same to a degree.
If I were still in Queensgate I would of applied for a job at the blue building. If only to be back ‘home’

I’m not saying that the job I had there was the best, I experienced a lot of work place bulling there, I began cutting myself whilst working there. Really cutting not just the scratches on my skin like I had in high school.
The work place itself was like an extension of high school. The company we worked for prided itself on it’s being a fun workplace to work in as well as being a place that had a great work life balance.
When I started there I was nineteen so the place applied to me, I had recently done three months in out bound (cold calling) and the job I started there at was a tempt contract job and I managed to land a permanent job there.
If the culture had stayed the same maybe things would of been okay I don’t really know. However the culture became one of boozes and bullying for some time.
You would go out with your team on a friday night for a drink or twenty and then go back to work on the Monday like nothing had happened. We were young and there was a lot of relationships that happened and a lot of hooking up.
I was not a part of that, of the drinking yes I would drink, the relationships and sex I wasn’t a part of. and that is where the bullying started.

Whilst I write about that part there was also some really great people working there and it was once I started to get out of that team and group of people that I meet other.
I meet Zara through one of the old crowd. and that is a story in itself.
I meet some people who are still my friends now nearly 6 years after we worked together and some nearly 4 years since we last seen each other. This I think has a lot to do with the bond we formed in that place as well as thanks to social media.
I went from myspace and bebo to facebook at that place.
Now Zara is working with some of the old crew and I am jealous to a degree. I miss the people, I miss the views and I miss that building.

So whilst now I am no longer working in call centers (rock on retail!) and I moved over here to be with Drake I kind of want to go back. However my imagination will be better, and I love my life over here more.
Also I don’t want to pick up the baggage that I got at the blue building and the rumors and shit that happened there that haunted me and made me paranoid about people.
Sometimes going back is not the answer.


– Alyce 6th August 2014 2:11pm