Only 3 days

One of the few things about me is that I don’t cope with being on my owe all that well.
I’ve never lived by myself, the only times I’ve had to myself is when family was sick in hospital or on holiday so never more than a week alone by myself.
Next weekend both Drake and the housemate are going away, Drake to his friends for their annual boys gaming weekend and the housemate because he is maybe to see his kids I don’t know and haven’t asked.
So that means three or four days alone in the apartment by myself. No pets, no people, no nothing.

Before when I lived back home I could call Drake and talk to him until he or I fell asleep but now I can’t do that.
Sure it means I will be able to cook with mushrooms and onions and zucchini but it’s not the same I won’t have my family to enjoy my cooking and I won’t have Drake or the housemate to talk to and with being on reduced hours at work I will just be staring at my computer screen when I should be writing. I am struggling to write a short book.
Will have to get Drake to download me some shows or resend him the list of shows I would like downloaded…. again!

Maybe I will get a call back from one of the jobs I applied for though and the when Drake gets back surprise him with the good news I have a second job.
Maybe I could skype some of my friends back home.
Maybe I could test out my rabbit vibrator properly.
Maybe I will cope being home alone, it’s only 3 days.
maybe not :/


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