counting sheep

It’s about 4:20am as I start to write this, it’s way past my bed time and last week I managed my first all nighter – in my late twenties.
I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep, those quick nanna naps for a half hour it takes me about a half hour to get to sleep!
Now with the my shifts being majority night shifts my sleeping patten has changed and my body had just got used to a new timezone and I am dreading what day light savings ends will do to me. It will probably take another 3 weeks to get used to and by then my shifts at work will change again.
So Drake is awake and tring to program something, I couldn’t sleep so have been awake with him.


okay it’s now 4:05pm just after I started to write this Drake decided it was bed time.

At the moment I am working night shifts so my sleeping pattern has gone off kilter.
Prior to moving here with Drake I was in bed asleep by midnight and I work a rotating roster so I was normally awake between 5:30 and 7am.
Now bed time differs greatly, Since I get home from work either after 1:30am or 3am I was managing to get home and go to sleep within an hour of getting home but now with the after 1am getting home I am having difficulty sleeping and am now getting to sleep after 5am this past week which means that alarm is set for Drake at 7:30 and after that wakes me up I then go back to sleep until either midday or 1pm. Today it was 3pm. This doesn’t help with the I am still awake when I should be asleepiness and to keep Drake company whist he is programming I stay awake with him.

If I go to bed by myself I tend to hog the bedspace as I am used to having a single bed and now having a double bed I am trying to find my little bit of comfort and where I like to sleep, also sharing a bed means that the angles and way I sleep is different and our bed feels somewhat short to me and I am not long legged at all.

As long as I have a blanket or a sheet wrapped around me and I can feel it up near my chin I can sleep, the few times I have slept with out a blanket or sheet wrapped around me I have either been fully clothed or utterly exhausted.
I’m odd like that I need a blanket or doona or I have difficulty sleeping, more than normal at least.

It’s been years and it just takes me a while at least a halfhour to fall asleep, laying there with things running through my mind, books, blogs, games, work, music lyrics, tv shows, the fact I am sleepy before my mind just draws a blank and I am asleep.
Drake besides me can be halfway through talking and then his asleep, his head just hits the pillow and his snoring and asleep. I would love to have that skill.
One of my aunts is the same, it just would be something I would like to do instead of laying there awake and not sleeping.



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No sheep were harmed in the writing of this blog post




Serendipity Amore

We meet by chance or accident.
I write this as he lays snorning in bed besides me, his arm curledaround the pillow and his left leg wrapped over the doona, his taking up most of the bed but I love listening to him snorning, knowing that I will be sleeping besides him and when he wakes he will wake up besides me.
My friend Zara used to talk on some random forum as a teen as teens are want to do. She chatted to some random guy from another country as you tend to do when on the internet. nothing sexual ever happened between them and this was the time before sexting as well.
So the random was going to be coming over to Queensgate and wanted to know if she would like to catch up, nothing but just meet say hi have a few beers thats it.
Now is the part where I enter in to the story; Zara asked me to come along with her, her hubby couldn’t get mad if it was just the two of us girls going for a drink after work right? right?
So we caught up with the random and I got sat with random Drake guy as Zara went and got drinks.
He was funny and nice, a tad shy, but then so was I.
We messaged that night as he was on his way home on the tram back to the city, and we messaged the next day as well.
When he went back home we messaged and I randomly called him to chat.
Drake told me the day after we met that he liked me.
I on the other hand noticed that I was slowly falling for him, there was one moment when I was babysitting my neice that I wondered what Drake’s and my children would look like and that’s when I knew I liked him.

The clincher though was that I gave my number to another guy that I used to work with on the tram home one night after work.
Here I was texting/sexting Drake and I gave other guy my number.
After the tram got to my stop my friend wasn’t there to pick me up and I had a panic attack, full blown hyperventalating panic attack.
Drake msged me to make sure I was fine and called as well to check up on me. No one else did.
It was his being supportive, loving and caring that I fell for.
Not to meantion that his nerdy and geeky and can wear a suit well. /drools/

We started dating and did long distance for just over a year and a half and that was too much.
Now we live together, discovering each other’s personalitys and traits more.
I am falling more inlove with Drake and also learning more about him. One day when we are married I will already know that he takes a bit of prodding to take the bin out but can always be relied on to throw the clothes in the washer/dryer.

It’s the little things like the scar on his leg from surgory as a child to the way he never seems to chew with his mouth shut that I look at and smile because they make him the man he is and the man I love.

I respect his compassion and caring for his friends and family; his the one who is a phone call away at any emergancy with advice or help and will come spend the night taking care of someone even if it means he gets no sleep and lives on V at work during the day.

– Alyce 3:10am 20th March

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37 days later

‘I’m tired’ /kisses me back/ and wiggles out of his jocks.’not without a condom’ /I search in the bedside drawers to find one/
‘I don’t know how to put it on’ /hands it over to Drake/
‘okay but shut the door’ /crawls across bed and shuts door in-case housemate comes home/
‘I love you’ /said as he is kissing me and getting the condom on/

Sex before work today – well after work for Drake and before work for me – meant that I missed out on having something for tea before I started my shift but it was worth it.

I was on top and afraid my head would go through the wall. I tried going faster than I normally do when riding him, to which I got told to slow down as it was making him need to cum a lot quicker. I was happy to comply and slowed down somewhat.
I seem to be a tad bit too warm though so I think I may try some ice cubes next time if I am too warm.
Have some in a cup next to the bed just in case.

I got to work tonight and was in a good mood even with having to deal with drunk st paddy’s day id10ts.


– Alyce 1:24am 18th March

Vanilla fantasies

I class myself as vanilla yet others may not see me as such*.

I love to dress up in a school girl uniform, I think I never really grew up from there and I always felt hot in a uniform.
I find men dressed in suits (and ties) sexy and hot, It is a turn on of mine and has been since I was a teen.
I remeber sitting in class in year 9 just watching our maths teacher in his shirt and tie behind the desk at the front of the class imagining it askew and slowly unbuttoning that shirt, I sat there getting wet but not knowing why my panties were damp. I was a naive young girl.
Part of how I fell in love with Drake was the day after we meet and discussing with him my love of men in suits and ties and shirts he posted a photo on facebook and changed his profile picture of him in a suit, he had got back to the hotel he was staying at and the next morning got dressed up to take a photo for me and posted it on fb.
I ribbed him about not having cufflinks but at the same time I was taken aback by the sweetness of the gesture and his remembering that conversation.

I want to try more bondage, more than the handcuffs I own. I want to try rope or tape bindinig.
I want to try anal and pegging.

I want to be held against the wall my hands above me being held in place and kissed and fucked at the same time.
I want to be tied to the bed, so I can not move and gagged so that I can not moan. slowly tickled by Drakes beard as he rubs his chin or cheeks over me, and kisses my body.
As he kisses me his fingers rub over my clit and occasionally a finger dips in to feel how wet he has gotten me.
Then his tongue gets in and he slowly licks me out and fingers me at the same time, stopping just as i wiggly and twitch with wanting more and ready to cum, he then thrusts his cock in to me and pounds in to me and I cum over him and he cums in me.


*when I say others I mean people who are more vanilla than what I am. Such as Drake sees me as being kinky as do some of my close friends.
I see myself as being vanilla and bland, I have not tried out a lot of what I want, I have not been tied up nor played with icecubes or done anything that I think is kinky.


can I help?

Drake’s hands fly over the keyboard in putting data and swiftly fly back to the mouse to search and scan for something else.
His elbow rests on the laptop his hand cradlering his chin and a moan of frustration escapes from him.
I can not help and I can not hinder him either.
I sit here besides him, in my laptop reading articles, facebooking, typing this.
I occisionly get up and get a drink from the kitchen and on my way back give him a quick kiss on the cheek or a hug.
When he is less frustrated I hug and cuddle him, laying my head on his lap and holding him tight.
His stubbley chin brushes over my hair and forehead as he leans down and kisses me. I resist the urge to unzip his jeans and remove his belt to distract him and make him moan in pleasure.
I offer to get him a drink and go to the convience store at the end of the block and get him a can or three of Coke.

He smiles at me and says thanks. He apologises that it’s taking so long and tells me he loves me.
I smile and tell him it’s okay and I know.

The hours tick past and next thing I know it’s after 2am.
Another day has come into being and we are not in bed yet.
I want to snuggle up besides him and sleep but know he is distracted by work, by gettting this program and this data fixxed and input.

He talks code and he talks geek, it goes over my head and turns me on at the same time.
It’s one of the many times I wish I could help him figure out the coding issue and what needs to be done.

My desire and horniness are still there, but they are used to the backseat now.
They know that they have to wait.

I love this man besides me, his hands that are slightly bigger than my own, his freckly arms, and stubberly cheeks where his beard is growing, which as much as I tell him I hate it I am begining to enjoy it’s tickle as he kisses me and rubs my neck with it.

He is my sexy man and I am his woman.


– Alyce 2:27am 17th March 2014

Quality vs Quantity

So I have a higher sex drive than Drake which I am learning to live with. Don’t watch anything that makes me wet or porn, don’t read erotica, don’t day dream, don’t go to sex shops etc. yeah nah I am not coping all that well and am sexually frustrated.
Twice last week I ended up rubbing one out.
I have told Drake that next time we have sex I won’t initiate it, he will have to initiate.
I am normally the one to initiate our sex however it’s frustrating that I do, and also means that I am at some times questioning my worth and my attractiveness as well as my sex appeal.

Drake wants quality sex over quantity. I want quantity.
It may be that when we first started dating I was a virgin and had no experance, where as he had some experience in the sack. I don’t know, I feel like a nympho having the higher sex drive and come next payday  I will be buying myself a glass dildo to take care of some of my needs.

The last couple of weeks though Drake has been sick as have I so I also have to take this in to consideration, however even when we were doing long distance and would go away together and catch up there was always a lack of sex.
I have discussed it with him a number of times and his response is quality not quantity. My response is tears of sexual frustration.

Also when we were on holiday at christmas time I also did some pouty sulking to get some sex. I hated that it worked and I hated that I did that, however at the same time it was still good sex I was still happy and he was satisfied.
Whilst I am no gymnast I still have a few tricks and skills that manage to satisfy.

So at the moment I will take quantity over quality unless we have a regular one a week minimum then I will take quality.
Until then I am just going to sit here sexually frustrated.

ps didn’t help that this morning when we went to bed Drake was hard and I looked down at the bulge in his boxes and was just about drooling and found it difficult to go to sleep.

– Alyce 9:46pm 9th March 2014