Threats from Evan

My best friend Nicola has got a new boyfriend, they met on facebook. I’m not one to judge that I met Drake on facebook as well.
Nicola and I have been best friends since prep, our first day of school.

Both our families had recently moved to Barkly and neither of us had attended the local kindergarten that funneled the children to that particular primary school (if you attend kinder A you will 90% go to Primary School A, you attend kinder B you will most likely attend school B)

We’ve been through her high shcool boyfriends who were dicks, my highschool boyfriend who she rescued me at 2am from his room before we’d got to the having sex part.

So she broke up with her boyfriend and eldest childs Dad mid way through this year.
She was taking a break from men but wanted sex.

She met a few guys on a dating app and on a facebook singles/swingers group.

Nicola then starts to hook up with a bloke and he seemed a bit odd but his 6 years younger than us and well us girls in our early twenties were odd and quirky.

Then Evan the new boyfriend started to comment and attack any guy who would comment on any of Nicola’s facebook statuses.  Some of these guys commenting were creepers and creeps she had added from the dating site and group, But as they were only fuck buddies and these were the creepers wanting to know what she was wearing and that typa thing I could see where he was coming from.

Then Evan asked her out and they have lots of cutesey coupley photos, in the first month of their dating Nicola found just over a two hundred snapchat photos of naked woman in just that month they had been dating.
For me that was a bit odd, she skyped and had a cry to Drake and I on Skype.
He then introduced her to his Mum as just a friend.

Again I thought that was odd but his from a different culture and I thought odd but if you have an overprotective parent I can understand that.

Most nights or at least twice a week Nicola and I would skype and Drake would be a part of the skpying cause I wouldn’t have a headset on.

Drake and Nicola are also facebook friends and he comments on her statues every so often.
God I think Drake sometimes talks to my friends more than I do sometimes.

So last week on monday after flying back home and getting a bus to Geringhap we were out shopping with my Aunt (me at the lingerie shop, and at Target – how I have missed those stores) and then went to Safeway and Drake said that Evan had messaged him and called him a cunt.
Just out of the blue, got a message, first ever message from Evan as well.
Drake then showed me the messages, Evan had threatened to bash him because he was in Geringhap  and he would get his cousins and they would kick Drakes head in. Drakes turned around and said hey why don’t we get a drink and have a talk.
Then messaged Nicola and said hey I just got these messages from Evan.

My aunt and I are just what the fucking and Aunt said ‘I hope Nicola’s saying something to him cause I see you girls posting how your like sisters and your besties all the time’
I sent a message and asked whats up with Evan. She replied she wasn’t sure and he wasn’t really answering her.

I had to go to court and was spending time with family and only had the monday – friday to see everyone and didn’t get to seeing Nicola due to time restraints, however I did call and message her.

Monday I was at work waiting at the bank as it was my day to do the banking and was flicking through facebook and seen Nicola had posted about hating mornings, went to comment seen Drake had already and then added my two cents worth in as well.

About lunchtime there was a comment on the status from Evan asking ‘why is that prick commenting on you statues still?’
So I asked if Evan if it was about Drake commenting on Nicola’s facebook… providing that only Drake and I had commented it was pretty obvious.
I just told Evan that Drake will be Nicola’s brother in law and that his comment was uncalled for.
he then posts ‘ha hahahahaha no worries!’
I was pissed and replied that it wasn’t funny and that he owed Nicola and Drake and apology for assuming that something was going on and for his abuse.
he then asked what an apology was.
Me steaming posted you called Drake a cunt, threaten to assault him, which is abuse. You also assume something is going on between Drake and Nicola. oh and would you like me to post a definition of what an apology is.

At this time Drake comments a half hour later and is writing the calming stuff of Nicola is stressed atm lets take it easy.

I was on the last hour of my 10 hour shift when I get a message from Evan asking why I had complained to Nicola about him.

So here is the transcript:

Evan: Why did you complAining about me to nicola???

Alyce: Because you are abusing my boyfriend and your jealousy is an issue.

Evan: Your boyfriend can talk for himself!! Nothing to do with you

Ha hahahah

Am I jelly of what??

Alyce: Ever guy that comments on her page.
He is my partner I love and care about and for him.
You are abusing him.
I take umbrige with that.
Your opening message to him calling him a cunt was uncalled for.
Personally you may make Nicola happy. I think you are a dickhead and she could do better.
I won’t be blocking you, however I request you not contact me in future.
Regards Alyce

I haven’t heard from Nicola since early Monday.
I also may of overstepped my boundaries in saying what I said. However I feel it needed to be said.
If I had of been a guy Evan would of threatened to beat me and up with his cousins.

I have faced bigger bullies than him and came out on top and if he wants to get in to a pissing contest of who’s cousins are worse, mine have been to jail and poured boiling hot water down a guys throat in a fight. So yeah bring it, but unlike you I won’t hide behind my cousins or family, I will front up and I will stand my ground and what and who I believe in.

I may lose my best friend, However my greatest fears were to lose my Mum, my Dad and my Sister, I’ve lost them. My Aunt and Drake who I am afraid to lose have my back.
and I can replace a friend as callous as that sounds.

I’ve faced the guy who assaulted me last year in court and had his lawyer victim blame me and make me doubt myself and feel like I was two feet tall.

Evan buddy you got nothing and you don’t scare me.