the double standards of pubic hair!

I haven’t had a wax since december last year and apart from trying the Gillette bikini trimmer sometime between Novemeber and January I have been all bushy and furry down below. The only few times this has really been an issue is after going to the toilet and wiping myself and getting toilet paper curled up in fuzz or when having a period and having a blood clot getting stuck in the fuzz.
When I go swimming I have bathers and a pair of shorts or boardies on to stop chaffing so the bikini line issue is not an issue for me.

So since moving over here to be with Drake I’ve only received oral once! once! and I am a fan of it. The man I must say has a talent for it and to which ever ex taught him I owe you my thanks ;P  So the other  night getting in to some heavy petting and boobs were getting some action so I though hello can maybe 69 or something… yeah that wasn’t happening cause I need to shave or wax down below!
umm excuse me boyfriend of mine I give you head on a regular bases, I enjoy sucking your dick But don’t enjoy getting YOUR pubic hair in my mouth or feel like I am gagging on a pube. But how dare I have pubic hair and want oral.
So if and when I do get a wax I am expecting so much oral from you that I won’t be able to walk straight for a month! that you will need a straw to be able to drink a vitiamized meal as your mouth and tongue will be so sore from  eating me out!

Now I realise that we had made a deal that I would keep the bush at bay and you would keep the beard at bay, and I have not been living up to my end of the bargain. However I counter with the fact that shaving regrowth is a itchy nightmare to deal with and makes me look like I have crabs with my hand down my crotch scratching. The waxing the I prefer and don’t have any issue with getting in relation to pain has had the issue of affordability. My not having the hours that I need and the industry I work in being minimum wage mean that there are a few things that are treats for myself. The extra I have spent has gone towards getting shelves for our room and for the lounge.
Now don’t get me wrong I actually in the few times I have been waxed enjoyed it, even the one time where I had bite marks on my hand cause it hurt was still enjoyable. I love the result I love that when I have a period I don’t get bloodclots stuck to hairs, I enjoy the smoothness of my mound.  Also the thing I love about after getting waxed is the oral sex you give me.
However I am thinking if for me to get oral I have to wax maybe it’s time you should wax to get oral as well, I mean it’s only fair as you don’t like getting pubes stuck in your mouth and I don’t either.
What you don’t want to because it hurts? Well then the easy fix is to deal with the fact that sometimes I can’t afford a wax so will have a hair bush and I would like to be eaten out just like you who has a hairy patch would love to be sucked off.

love Alyce 10:58pm 1st July 2014