not so dirty weekend away

So this weekend and week have the house to ourselves cause housemate is away and traveling. Sex count so far once I think then I started to feel sick :/ sad panda 😥
This weekend we are traveling to a game event so weekend away but cause I am getting less hours at work and we can’t afford a hotel on Drake’s credit card we are staying at his parents so no dirty weekend away like I would like. Although last time we stayed at his parents place he received the most amazing blow job ever! I have still not been able to top that blow job which makes me wonder was part of the appeal that made it so great because we were at his parents and meant to be sleeping before we flew back home?!?

Will I try to give another amazing blow job? hell yeah it’s me Alyce of course I will try, Drake just doesn’t know it… or maybe he does 😉 We have carry on luggage only so will pack so nice lingerie and some normal clothes and see what happens.


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