mags like me

My local adult shop has got some new porn magazines in, and ones that are not from the year 2000 (okay so it’s from the year 2004 but that’s 10 years ago :/ ) I digress sorry or in a language other than English. The part that I love is that they have BBW* porn 😀 I am a BBW, I’m between 120kg-130kg so I am a big girl myself add to that Drake likes big girls and his favorite porn is bbw or big breasted women**. I handed over my $14 and got a magazine and next pay day I am getting another magazine. Why? because fuck it turns Drake on and it turns me on and it spices up our sex lives.
Poor Drake I was flicking through the magazine and he was playing a game on his phone and seen what I was looking at so I just flicked the pages for him to see what I was seeing and he was hard and turned on.

I rubbed his hard cock and played innocent and asked if he liked my new magazine. He was yes I like it a lot as you can tell.

Yes I did get sex but later on in the day 😀

But that was not the goal, the goal was to explore stuff that we both like, Drake can be a tad more conservative or vanilla than I can. I like to and want to explore.
I like watching BBW porn because the women are like me. Well maybe not as fat as me however the have jiggly bits, they have fat, you can hear the slapping of skin and see rolls move.
Photos bellies are shown, there are rolls.




* BBW stands for Big Beautiful Woman/Women
** Not a BBW


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