I see you baby ;)

I see you baby shaking dat ass!


Well not really, cause I am attempting to keep this blog anonymous so Alyce is not my real name but I love the name.
I haven’t posted any photos of myself here and the one’s that I plan to post will not be full images. I plan to change the profile pic however it will be a non body or self photo.


So what do I look like…. well you can use your imagination and I can look like anyone you want me to 😉
or I can give you a list of what I look:

  • as stated in my last post I am a BBW between 120-130kg, so I am fat
  • 160-162cm tall
  • have pale but tanned skin
  • brown hair or honey blond
  • a short little nose
  • small eyes
  • small thin lips
  • late 20’s in age

So that is how I will describe myself and how I also see myself, I am average and everyday girl next door



– Alyce 30th April 2014 8:27pm


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