counting sheep

It’s about 4:20am as I start to write this, it’s way past my bed time and last week I managed my first all nighter – in my late twenties.
I’ve always had trouble getting to sleep, those quick nanna naps for a half hour it takes me about a half hour to get to sleep!
Now with the my shifts being majority night shifts my sleeping patten has changed and my body had just got used to a new timezone and I am dreading what day light savings ends will do to me. It will probably take another 3 weeks to get used to and by then my shifts at work will change again.
So Drake is awake and tring to program something, I couldn’t sleep so have been awake with him.


okay it’s now 4:05pm just after I started to write this Drake decided it was bed time.

At the moment I am working night shifts so my sleeping pattern has gone off kilter.
Prior to moving here with Drake I was in bed asleep by midnight and I work a rotating roster so I was normally awake between 5:30 and 7am.
Now bed time differs greatly, Since I get home from work either after 1:30am or 3am I was managing to get home and go to sleep within an hour of getting home but now with the after 1am getting home I am having difficulty sleeping and am now getting to sleep after 5am this past week which means that alarm is set for Drake at 7:30 and after that wakes me up I then go back to sleep until either midday or 1pm. Today it was 3pm. This doesn’t help with the I am still awake when I should be asleepiness and to keep Drake company whist he is programming I stay awake with him.

If I go to bed by myself I tend to hog the bedspace as I am used to having a single bed and now having a double bed I am trying to find my little bit of comfort and where I like to sleep, also sharing a bed means that the angles and way I sleep is different and our bed feels somewhat short to me and I am not long legged at all.

As long as I have a blanket or a sheet wrapped around me and I can feel it up near my chin I can sleep, the few times I have slept with out a blanket or sheet wrapped around me I have either been fully clothed or utterly exhausted.
I’m odd like that I need a blanket or doona or I have difficulty sleeping, more than normal at least.

It’s been years and it just takes me a while at least a halfhour to fall asleep, laying there with things running through my mind, books, blogs, games, work, music lyrics, tv shows, the fact I am sleepy before my mind just draws a blank and I am asleep.
Drake besides me can be halfway through talking and then his asleep, his head just hits the pillow and his snoring and asleep. I would love to have that skill.
One of my aunts is the same, it just would be something I would like to do instead of laying there awake and not sleeping.



post was prompted by Daily Prompt.

No sheep were harmed in the writing of this blog post




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