Serendipity Amore

We meet by chance or accident.
I write this as he lays snorning in bed besides me, his arm curledaround the pillow and his left leg wrapped over the doona, his taking up most of the bed but I love listening to him snorning, knowing that I will be sleeping besides him and when he wakes he will wake up besides me.
My friend Zara used to talk on some random forum as a teen as teens are want to do. She chatted to some random guy from another country as you tend to do when on the internet. nothing sexual ever happened between them and this was the time before sexting as well.
So the random was going to be coming over to Queensgate and wanted to know if she would like to catch up, nothing but just meet say hi have a few beers thats it.
Now is the part where I enter in to the story; Zara asked me to come along with her, her hubby couldn’t get mad if it was just the two of us girls going for a drink after work right? right?
So we caught up with the random and I got sat with random Drake guy as Zara went and got drinks.
He was funny and nice, a tad shy, but then so was I.
We messaged that night as he was on his way home on the tram back to the city, and we messaged the next day as well.
When he went back home we messaged and I randomly called him to chat.
Drake told me the day after we met that he liked me.
I on the other hand noticed that I was slowly falling for him, there was one moment when I was babysitting my neice that I wondered what Drake’s and my children would look like and that’s when I knew I liked him.

The clincher though was that I gave my number to another guy that I used to work with on the tram home one night after work.
Here I was texting/sexting Drake and I gave other guy my number.
After the tram got to my stop my friend wasn’t there to pick me up and I had a panic attack, full blown hyperventalating panic attack.
Drake msged me to make sure I was fine and called as well to check up on me. No one else did.
It was his being supportive, loving and caring that I fell for.
Not to meantion that his nerdy and geeky and can wear a suit well. /drools/

We started dating and did long distance for just over a year and a half and that was too much.
Now we live together, discovering each other’s personalitys and traits more.
I am falling more inlove with Drake and also learning more about him. One day when we are married I will already know that he takes a bit of prodding to take the bin out but can always be relied on to throw the clothes in the washer/dryer.

It’s the little things like the scar on his leg from surgory as a child to the way he never seems to chew with his mouth shut that I look at and smile because they make him the man he is and the man I love.

I respect his compassion and caring for his friends and family; his the one who is a phone call away at any emergancy with advice or help and will come spend the night taking care of someone even if it means he gets no sleep and lives on V at work during the day.

– Alyce 3:10am 20th March

post was prompted by: Daily Prompt – That’s Amore


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