Vanilla fantasies

I class myself as vanilla yet others may not see me as such*.

I love to dress up in a school girl uniform, I think I never really grew up from there and I always felt hot in a uniform.
I find men dressed in suits (and ties) sexy and hot, It is a turn on of mine and has been since I was a teen.
I remeber sitting in class in year 9 just watching our maths teacher in his shirt and tie behind the desk at the front of the class imagining it askew and slowly unbuttoning that shirt, I sat there getting wet but not knowing why my panties were damp. I was a naive young girl.
Part of how I fell in love with Drake was the day after we meet and discussing with him my love of men in suits and ties and shirts he posted a photo on facebook and changed his profile picture of him in a suit, he had got back to the hotel he was staying at and the next morning got dressed up to take a photo for me and posted it on fb.
I ribbed him about not having cufflinks but at the same time I was taken aback by the sweetness of the gesture and his remembering that conversation.

I want to try more bondage, more than the handcuffs I own. I want to try rope or tape bindinig.
I want to try anal and pegging.

I want to be held against the wall my hands above me being held in place and kissed and fucked at the same time.
I want to be tied to the bed, so I can not move and gagged so that I can not moan. slowly tickled by Drakes beard as he rubs his chin or cheeks over me, and kisses my body.
As he kisses me his fingers rub over my clit and occasionally a finger dips in to feel how wet he has gotten me.
Then his tongue gets in and he slowly licks me out and fingers me at the same time, stopping just as i wiggly and twitch with wanting more and ready to cum, he then thrusts his cock in to me and pounds in to me and I cum over him and he cums in me.


*when I say others I mean people who are more vanilla than what I am. Such as Drake sees me as being kinky as do some of my close friends.
I see myself as being vanilla and bland, I have not tried out a lot of what I want, I have not been tied up nor played with icecubes or done anything that I think is kinky.



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