37 days later

‘I’m tired’ /kisses me back/ and wiggles out of his jocks.’not without a condom’ /I search in the bedside drawers to find one/
‘I don’t know how to put it on’ /hands it over to Drake/
‘okay but shut the door’ /crawls across bed and shuts door in-case housemate comes home/
‘I love you’ /said as he is kissing me and getting the condom on/

Sex before work today – well after work for Drake and before work for me – meant that I missed out on having something for tea before I started my shift but it was worth it.

I was on top and afraid my head would go through the wall. I tried going faster than I normally do when riding him, to which I got told to slow down as it was making him need to cum a lot quicker. I was happy to comply and slowed down somewhat.
I seem to be a tad bit too warm though so I think I may try some ice cubes next time if I am too warm.
Have some in a cup next to the bed just in case.

I got to work tonight and was in a good mood even with having to deal with drunk st paddy’s day id10ts.


– Alyce 1:24am 18th March


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