can I help?

Drake’s hands fly over the keyboard in putting data and swiftly fly back to the mouse to search and scan for something else.
His elbow rests on the laptop his hand cradlering his chin and a moan of frustration escapes from him.
I can not help and I can not hinder him either.
I sit here besides him, in my laptop reading articles, facebooking, typing this.
I occisionly get up and get a drink from the kitchen and on my way back give him a quick kiss on the cheek or a hug.
When he is less frustrated I hug and cuddle him, laying my head on his lap and holding him tight.
His stubbley chin brushes over my hair and forehead as he leans down and kisses me. I resist the urge to unzip his jeans and remove his belt to distract him and make him moan in pleasure.
I offer to get him a drink and go to the convience store at the end of the block and get him a can or three of Coke.

He smiles at me and says thanks. He apologises that it’s taking so long and tells me he loves me.
I smile and tell him it’s okay and I know.

The hours tick past and next thing I know it’s after 2am.
Another day has come into being and we are not in bed yet.
I want to snuggle up besides him and sleep but know he is distracted by work, by gettting this program and this data fixxed and input.

He talks code and he talks geek, it goes over my head and turns me on at the same time.
It’s one of the many times I wish I could help him figure out the coding issue and what needs to be done.

My desire and horniness are still there, but they are used to the backseat now.
They know that they have to wait.

I love this man besides me, his hands that are slightly bigger than my own, his freckly arms, and stubberly cheeks where his beard is growing, which as much as I tell him I hate it I am begining to enjoy it’s tickle as he kisses me and rubs my neck with it.

He is my sexy man and I am his woman.


– Alyce 2:27am 17th March 2014


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