So I started a bit late in the sex game, I wasn’t a teen when my cherry was popped I was less than a month shy of 25.
I’ve only ever been with the one man, who I now live with and who is my boyfriend.

I’ve always been intrigued by sex and fetishes this has led me to join a few facebook groups that were rather different to my taste so that I could learn. (nappy fetish/ feet and leg fetish) as well as joining a few groups that exchanged ‘naughty’ pictures of ourselves.
I did this under an alias because I wanted to keep some privacy – says the woman who posted nude pics.
It’s  not that I am afraid or ashamed of my body, it’s that I don’t want the ramifications that come from being known for that side of my life, the disappointment of my family and judgement.
So I start a sexblog. yep smart move Alyce.

So Drake and I have been together for 2 years now and prior to dating me he was in a relationship for 7 1/2 years with Megan. I haven’t asked about his sexual experiences with her or what she was like in the sack. Am I curious yes and very tempted to ask which one day I will. just not today.
I on the other had had no experience not even oral so what I know I’ve learnt from erotica, cleo, cosmo, books and sexblogs as well as from talks with my friends.
I don’t claim to be the worlds best lover or a sexpert far from it.

What I am is a vanilla woman who would like to try more, however Drake is more vanilla than I so for the moment there is no trying.
Drake turns a couple of shades of red walking into a sex shop, he is slowly getting used to walking into one at least twice a week now since I got a job at an adult shop.

This is not a blog about my work in an adult shop though. this is a blog about reviews of books, porn movies, life and general stuff.


– Alyce 9th March 1:05 am


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